Jeanette and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the tremendous job you did on the maintenance and upgrade work you recently completed on our boat.

First, the bottom job.  You had painted the bottom on our previous boat.  After 5 years, our diver told us that the bottom was still in quite good shape and that we should consider having it painted again.  We sold the boat and we understand that it went for another year before painting.  The recent bottom job on our current boat was a "complete" job from sandblasting to paint.  After launch, we found that our displacement cruise speed was increased between 1& 1 1/2 knots.  While we don't expect to get anywhere near the life we saw on the previous boat, we are very happy with the results we've seen.  Eddie did a great job on the bottom.

The fiberglass work on the various nicks and gouges, and the major repairs to hatch covers is outstanding, with perfect color match.

The modifications to the swim platform to provide a boarding step with storage blends perfectly with the design of the boat and the quality of the work is excellent.  The rest of the modifications, updating the rub rail, relocation of the aft deck shower and water and tv inlets look like factory installations.  Mike is the best we've ever had work on our boat.

The mechanical work was well done and the boat has run perfectly.  We appreciate the checkout of all of the mechanical systems which Bill performed so we could leave on our extended cruise without worries.

We appreciate very much the design that you and your subcontractor did on the aft deck cover.  We have had many complements on the appearance, with comments that it must have been a Factory installed option.   The fabrication is excellent.

Thank you once again for the excellent work.

Roger & Jeanette Erb

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