All too often in this day and age we are too quick to criticize when something does not work out as we had hoped, but we don't take the time to write when we have received excellent and very professional service. I wanted to take this means to commend you and the whole staff at Progressive for the superb work you did on my vessel "RIMA" when she was hauled at your yard on June 13, 2011.
Although our initial costs were modified by the condition of the hull when hauled and required a complete refinishing of the bottom, replacement of two cutlass bearings, removal of two sea cocks and the replacement of another, it count' have been done by a more professional crew with great expertise! The consideration you extended on the additional cost in the sanding of the hull was very much appreciated by us, and the fact that you did not charge us "laydays" was also a plus. Progressive is a yard I have already recommended to several friends who have boats, and one who will bring his 54' Navigator Pilothouse down from New England this fall. 
I have had a diver check the vessel and there is no evidence of any slime, fouling, or marine growth of anytime. You can rest assured that any future work we have done on "RIMA" will be done at Progressive.
Again, my personal thanks for the excellent work done on "RIMA". She now looks as good below the water as she does above and we are very pleased with the performance.
Robert K. Volk, Jr.

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